Changes Are Coming

Things change, including this site. I have enjoyed writing and sharing on here for years and I will enjoy posting to my new site. 

This site will be phased down and all new photos and writings will be at the new site. Soon this domain will point to the new site and eventually this will diminish into a fading memory.

A few reasons brought this on, one is a better site title to reflect what I post the most about, which is landscapes and another is to update the design. 


Thanks for coming on the ride with me and I hope to see you on the next site!

Monochrom Winter

This will not be a post about how black and white is more pure or artistic than colour. But really- it is winter and most of the scenery is covered in white snow... the mountains and trees are basically crying out for black and white. So I indulged. 

These are from Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park, except for the one of the house for sale, that was in Field, BC which is just down the way. I always say it would be a great town to live in, just to small for my wife.

They have stacked the canoes for winter, I am always tempted to take one and see how fast I can toboggan with it.

Emerald Lake Lodge

Lovely place for snowshoeing, weather was even warm.